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What to do Before and After Service

Prepare for your appointment:

  • Avoid eating 2 hours before.

  • Avoid heavy meals on appointment days.

  • Avoid fasting or the body will go into "starvation mode" and become more resistant to the release of stored fat.

  • Drink plenty of water day before and 72 hours after appointment (2 liters at least daily).

  • Limit/avoid carbohydrate drinks (soda, coffee, tea, pre-workout) and alcohol day before and 72 hours after appointment.

  • Avoid appointments on menstrual cycle.

  • Avoid hot saunas, hot showers or hot tubs/jacuzzi day of appointment.

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Who Is Not Eligible For Body Sculpting

Under 18 years old

Obesity - Unless doing something outside of these treatments, like eating better or working out.

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding (can only do RF if breastfeeding and RF facial if pregnant)

Recent surgery (3 months after BBL/lipo or 6 months after Tumytuck/C-Section

Pacemakers, cancer

Metal implants (braces are okay)

Lymphatic Disorder

Cardiac & Vascular Disease


Liver Disease

Diabetes or high blood pressure.

Copper IUD birth control

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